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Welcome to Imagined Interprises, Inc. corporate website. We are a small, but growing fantasy publishing house.

Our goal is to publish high quality fantasy literature and artwork. If you are a fan of saga fantasy – rich, detailed worlds with distinctive societies that are steeped in history and culture – then we have a treat for you.

Pull up a comfortable chair and let us spin you a tale of adventure that will leave you hungry for more.

SnarfQuest on Kickstarter

Imagined Interprises, Inc. to publish
Larry Elmore's SnarfQuest


Imagined Interprises, Inc. has signed Larry Elmore's SnarfQuest. This is the original story that appeared in the back of Dragon Magazine back in the 80s & 90s. We have digitally remastered this wonderful story, giving it a professional edit, and for the first time ever, the entire story is beign published in one complete volume.

We are also offering some amazing Kickstarter only SnarfQust products. Please help us spread the word.

Click here to view the Kickstarter Campaign

Our Fantasy Sagas

Genesis of Oblivion

Maxwell Alexander Drake

The Immortals' war ended over four thousand years ago. Or did it? Follow a group of seemingly unrelated characters as they spiral into the games of the gods. More…


J.T. Hartke

Some say the death of the Dragonsouls was a good thing—the only thing that saved the sentient races from complete destruction. Others know that the Dragonsouls did not die at the end of the last war. More…

Wrathful Skies
a K-Department Vampire Novel

Rob Smith

A clandestine fighter squadron, composed of men blessed and cursed with a special condition, a condition that allows them to see in the shadows, and that makes the ultimate weapon of darkness. More…

BuyFantasyArt.com Launches!

After nearly three years of work, we have finally officially launched our massive art-selling project, BuyFantasyArt.com.

This site is destined for greatness, allowing visitors an unprecedented ability to view and purchase artwork from the biggest names in the Fantasy Illustration industry.

Larry Elmore, Todd Lockwood, Steve Argyle, Lars Grant-West, Jason Engle, Drew Baker, Cyril van der Haegen, Sam Burley, Mario Wibisono, Milivoj Ceran, and the list goes on and on!

With a goal of hosting 75 artists and over 5,000 pieces of artwork by the end of 2015, and triple that by the end of 2016, you are sure to find anything you desire to decorate the walls of your home or office.